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My Origin story

The origin story

It's always about fixing each other's crowns.

Allison started the Black Women Collective in 2021 to create a supportive community for black entrepreneurial women. Pretty quickly, the group grew into a full-fledged movement, challenging the status quo and working to create opportunities for black women entrepreneurs. The Collective is committed to creating accessibility and accountability for solutions that will transform black entrepreneurial businesses.

The Black Women Collective is a community of entrepreneurial women who mentor, innovate and create. We believe it's time to change the narrative around black womanhood, which has existed since the beginning. We have moved beyond anything we were told we could or couldn't do because nothing is impossible when you live your truth. It is time to step into our greatness and watch our brilliance inspire this world.


I wanted to share with you the three main reasons why I started The Black Women Collective:
The Black Women Collective offers a mentorship program that supports and guides black women often overlooked in the startup ecosystem. BWC provides black women with access to training, funding, and networks that strengthen their ability to develop, grow and launch new ventures.

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