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Empowering Black Women: The Benefits Of Joining The Bwc

The Black Women Collective is not just an organization, it is a movement, a
sisterhood, and a powerful force for positive change. Becoming a member of The
Black Women Collective is a great first step into the world of entrepreneurship.
You’ll gain knowledge and resources on how to successfully grow a business as a
Black woman in the industry.

The Essence Of The Bwc

Founded in 2021 by Allison Willams, the black woman collective has made it its
mission to create a community to help support black entrepreneurial women. Black
women looking to venture out into entrepreneurship are most often overlooked. We
make up the largest and fastest-growing demographic of women starting a business
yet only 3% mature and last longer than five years. The inequities we face make
communities like the Black Women Collective essential for creating a space where
we can access the resources needed to grow and sustain a successful business
and build and maintain long-term and meaningful relationships with our peers.

When you sign up for our premium membership you not only gain access to a
supportive community of like-minded women with shared identities you gain an
environment that actively fosters professional growth. Members gain access to
exclusive workshops, mentorship programs, a personalized website created for you,
and much more during your time as a member. You are provided with invaluable
opportunities to enhance your skills, expand your networks, and thrive in your

Join The Movement, And Let’s Empower, Uplift, And Inspire Together.

In joining the Black Women Collective you’re not just becoming a member you’re becoming a vital force in a journey of challenging norms and transcending boundaries. Learning to invest in ourselves is vital for personal and professional growth. When Black women unite we become able to empower each other and amplify our voices



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